01. How do I register with Too Fly Creations?

  • Registration is now open for 2019. We look forward to seeing you on the road! You can WhatsApp 07958124944 and speak to someone from the team. Alternatively, you can register at www.tooflycreations.com and someone from the team will contact you within 24 hours.


02. What is included in my costume package?

  • Hand-made carnival costumes; tailored made to your specifications.

  • TooFlyCreations 1 to 1 fittings if needed or requested.

  • Food & drink on the road on the Monday.

  • Unlimited Premium Alcohol.

  • A safe and secure experience at the heart of Carnival with tight security.

  • Exclusive Goody Bag

  • Great music by some of London's Top Soca DJs.

  • GREAT VIBES and an unforgettable experience!!

03. How can I make a payment on my costume?

  • After completing a registration form (you can request one via email or via the website)and one of the TooFly team will be in contact with you within 7 days. 

  • Once authorised, either a Full payment or Deposit can be made via BACS.

04. How do I make further payments on my costume?
  • When making further payments, you are required to email tooflycreations@gmail.com.

  • You can continue to pay via BACS transfer using the same details provided when your first registered.

  • Don't hestitate to contact the team via the site if you have further questions.

05. When do I collect my costume?

  • Final days for collection are TBA, but collection is usually around 2 weeks prior to carnival.

  • T-shirt and fun mas collection will be a week prior.

06. Can I order extra pieces for my costume?

  • Of course! Everything in the costumes is interchangeable with a reduction or increase in price.

  • If you would like something extra made that is not on our list, this has to be requested within 2 weeks of making your booking.


07. What if I want to cancel my costume?

  • Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • The deadline for cancellations is mid-June.

  • Cancellations made after this deadline will forfeit any possible refund.

  • Cancellation requests are to be made via e-mail ONLY. We will get back to you via e-mail or phone to finalise your cancellation.



08. Can I change my size and options?

  • You can request to change  or adjust your costume via e-mail.

  • The cut-off date for adjustments will be exactly two weeks after your first registration date.  

  • Requests for changes AFTER this cut-off point may be declined. 



09. When does my costume need to be paid by?

  • Costumes must be paid in full by August 

  • Payments made after this may result in the loss of your costume ; bearing in mind deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

  • Please make a member of the team aware of any potential delays in payment via e-mail or phone so that we can try to accomodate you as best we can.



10. When is the last day to pay a deposit?
  • The depends on your options. If your costume includes feathers, then no later than the 2nd week of July.

  • Please check back regularly for further information.


11. How much is the deposit for a costume?

  • Deposits vary depending on the costume choice, but is usually between £75-£150. Please note, registration is NOT complete until a deposit or a full payment is received.


12. Is my deposit refundable?
  • Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.




​"A UK based organisation participating in Art, Mas, Music and Steel Pan. ​​​"

Jolene Nicholle Durrant, Founder & Creative Director 


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